The 5000HP Devel Sixteen V16 Is Most Sinister Looking Engine You Will Ever See On A Dyno

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Who knows anything about Devel Sixteen? Until I ...

Who knows anything about Devel Sixteen? Until I stumbled across this video, I hadn’t even heard of the dang hypercar. But, judging by what I see in this video of the Devel Sixteen hypercar and its 5000-horsepower V16 engine running on a dyno tester, it deserves to be categorized as being a genuine hypercar! According to those in the know, the Devel Sixteen hypercar has a top speed of nearly 350 miles per hour and a 0-60 miles per hour time of 1.8 seconds thanks to its mid-mounted V6 that pumps out 5000 horsepower. Despite how impressive these performance figures are, my guess is that its most jaw-dropping number is its cost.   


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