SCREAMING Lamborghini Murcielago With IPE Exhaust BEST V12 SOUND EVER!!?

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

There are plenty of exotic vehicles roaming around ...

There are plenty of exotic vehicles roaming around the streets of Monaco, especially during both a Top Marques weekend and the entire summer. Well, few of those come even remotely close to resembling that amazing F1 noise that once a year echoes through the streets and the F1 tunnel of Monte-Carlo. And this particular car comes close though, a V12-powered Lambo Murcielago fitted with an iPE exhaust system. The Aventador sounds pretty good at full throttle, and a naturally aspirated V12 that is home to both the Ferrari FF and F12 series does the fine job too. However, this screaming F1-like sound coming from this particular Lambo Murcielago LP640 takes home 1st prize in our opinion. What do you think?

Unbelievable. Want another video like that? Check out the one below.